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I have been a plaintiff’s personal injury trial attorney for ten years. I have settled hundreds of cases and conducted many jury trials in every jurisdiction in Colorado. I know the value of investigation, witness interviews, and identification of evidence in resolving cases at mediation or trial. I am keenly aware of the information that maximizes the value of your client’s case, as well as the information that can dilute that value.

Since a proper and thorough investigation is critical to your success in resolving your cases, shouldn’t you engage an investigator who understands your type of case whether a traffic accident, slip and fall, premises liability, product liability, workers compensation, or Government Immunity Act matter? I have tried them all and investigated them all.

I can

  • Identify and locate crucial and unknown witnesses

  • Interview defendants and other witnesses

  • Obtain documentary evidence and records

  • Survey the scene, photograph and otherwise determine the viability of both side's version of events

  • Analyze your cases from a law enforcement or insurance investigator’s perspective

  • Provide consultation on how best to present your case

Personal Injury Investigations